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INTERACT WA is proud to have partnered with many organisations to meet their learning and development needs. Here are some examples of our projects and ongoing partnerships.

Difficult Conversations

INTERACT WA delivers ongoing experiential training & executive coaching focussed on empowering leaders to navigate courageous conversations.

Simulation Based Assessment

In collaboration with the RANZCP, INTERACT WA provides all the simulated patients for the yearly online and face-to-face OSCE exams for Psychiatry Students.

Customer Service Management

We designed and delivered the program 'Leading a Culture of Customer Service' to all the Staff and Managers of the Revenue Department of Western Australia.

Performance Management

INTERACT WA trained over 400 leaders to deal adequately with highly emotive situations and use feedback as a tool for improved performance and learning.

Interactive Theatre

We custom designed the Forum Theatre Play 'Black Box' about Cross Cultural Collaboration and presented it at the global IR Leadership conference in Denver, Colorado, US.

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