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From theory to reality

Our highly trained roleplayers turn theory into reality. They support and enhance recruitment, training and professional development programs with realistic scenarios.



Thinking of using role play to recruit, assess of develop your team? Few other methods can expose behavioural habits, reveal competency levels and create change all in one package. However, role play can be harmful when it’s not done right.

We go to great lengths to make sure the experience is safe, professional and effective.

Our role-play team are:

Our actors can seduce even the most unlikely person to participate and bring realism to what can otherwise be perceived as artificial.

Whether your requirement is live or online, for a large group or just one individual, we work with you directly to create a powerful roleplay experience.

Inspiration for Roleplay Ideas

Real Play

Our actors ‘real play’ a previous or upcoming challenging conversation, giving participants the opportunity to practice a more effective approach and receive insightful feedback on verbal and nonverbal communication.

Assessment Roleplay

Candidates receive a specifically designed scenario before engaging in conversation with the actor. During the roleplay the candidate's competence can be assessed, allowing for significant insights into approach, style and fit.

Serious Game

We convert your business process into a real-life business simulation. Your people receive the assignment, determine the tactics, practice with actors, receive instant feedback, self-reflect and deal with unexpected events.

Forum Theatre

Our actors present a scripted scenario specific to your challenges. Observers are given the opportunity to re-watch, then stop and change the action until the scenario becomes a demonstration of ‘best practice’.

Simulated Patients

Our actors take on the role of patient or family member in a simulation, allowing medical students to practice and improve crucial clinical and conversational competencies before an actual patient encounter.

Participant Feedback

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