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We deliver interactive training programs that are not a waste of time and money, leaving participants informed, inspired and ready to act.



Our development programs prepare workforces for challenging circumstances that will arise. Teams get to explore proven theories – practically and experientially. We use the skills of professional roleplayers in this process.

Our unique learning-by-doing methodology engages learners allowing them to improve and explore leadership skills in a safe, yet challenging real-life environment.

Our courses leave a measurable, visible impact throughout your entire organisation. Whether your requirement is live, virtual or blended learning, we work with you directly to create a dramatically different program.

Tell us your requirement and we’ll get started.

Inspiration for Workshops

Challenging Conversations

Improve the ability to effectively tackle complicated workplace conversations like performance issues, team conflict or mental health concerns. Learn how to prepare for these conversations and grow the skill and confidence around empathic communication to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for everyone involved.

Respectfull Workplaces

A safe and inclusive culture can be an organisations greatest asset. This theatre based program allows people to really 'get it' and see how certain behaviours could be impeding safe workplaces. Participants learn what unconsious bias, actionable allyship and respectful communication looks like and how to do things differently.

Powerful Persuasion

During this training participants learn how to influence people without using authority or power, but by showing confidence, clarity of purpose and excellent communication skills. Learners work through a series of real life, practical simulations, where they learn what it really means to be a credible and influential leader.


Feedback is perhaps the most important leadership communication skill. It clarifies expectations, develops performance and builds confidence. In this hands-on session, participants learn and practice how to give, receive and pro actively ask for feedback in a way that it can be heard, digested, and applied moving forward.

Self & Others

To effectively manage people, you must first be able to manage yourself, your actions and your emotions. This program is suited for leaders who want to enhance their understanding of themselves and others. In this powerful two day course leaders get to build an attitude of resilience to deal with uncertainty, change and challenge.

Participant Feedback

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